Lance Lambert: Prophecy 20 August 2006

Do not fear the conflict you are in, says the LORD, for I will be your refuge, your shelter and your triumph. This present strife is nothing compared with what is soon coming. It is but the prelude for something much more powerful and serious. Do not be afraid for I am in these storms and I am preparing and equipping you to stand in what is coming. I am shaking the nations, even the great world powers and I will make them as harvest dust, especially those nations who became great and powerful through My grace and My Word but who are now rejecting ME. Do not fear for out of this shaking will come multitudes whom I shall save. They will come from Russia and Asia and every nation that was affected by Marxism. I will also reap a huge harvest out of Islam, in the day that I will break its power. For I have seen its cruelty and its wickedness, says the LORD, and I will judge as I judged Marxism. I will cast it to the ground and shatter its power and influence, and humble its arrogant spirit. In that day I will avenge all the blood it has spilt, and my faithful and precious ones whom it has martyred. Young men and young women in multitudes will come out of Islam, saved by my grace and filled and anointed by My Spirit, to serve me with boldness and power. You shall see it and rejoice and you will worship me. For I have not forgotten those who served me in those lands and saw little fruit. In that day their prayers and their sacrificial service will be remembered says the LORD.

Do not therefore fear the events that are coming. For those who dwell in the secret place will find safety under the shadow of My wings, and in an especial manner, in ways that you have not known before, I will be your refuge, your shelter and your fortress.