Prophetic Word Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle, Ashland, Virginia
January 3, 1999

I continue to see a vision of a building, and across that building is written these words "WESTING HOUSE". As I look upon these words "WESTINGHOUSE", I see that the letters begin to fall, starting with the "G" and "H" from the centre of it. They fall down as if in a drain. As these letters fall off of this building, I see this building crumble and fall. I hear the Lord say that the foundation is shaking of great companies that are in good standing and in good order. They shall fall and shall be no more.

The Lord said that there shall be merging of small companies with the larger companies where the thinking is one of safety, but it shall not be safety. Suddenly, banks shall close without notice, and the stock market shall hit an all‑time low. The Lord says that the end is not yet, for the stock market shall rise again and bring false hope to thousands. These things shall be and you shall look upon them and know that I have warned you.

The oil and the petroleum shall go sky high. There will come a time when the lines shall be long, and the hearts shall fail, and the anger shall erupt because of the things that are happening. These are days when I shall allow the extremes to come. That which is precious to Me shall be turned unto Me. The soul of man is very precious. Therefore, lift up your hands and your head. Lift them up to your Redeemer and know that even as the world shall rock, you shall stand in a sure place with your eyes upon Me. I would have you to hold steady in the midst of the trouble and these things that shall come upon the earth and upon all nations.

There comes also a wind. It is a wind that will be favourable, but it is not My wind. If you shall follow after this wind, you will find yourself shipwrecked, for in this wind it will seem that all things have been put together again, and it would look as if things would blossom and bloom and be fruitful. It shall be for a short season, but do not put your finances in it and do not invest your monies in it. That which you think shall stand shall fall, and that which others think would fall is that which shall stand.

Lift up your eyes and behold your King who sits upon the Throne, and who has your name written in the palms of His hand and has His eye upon you to lead you and guide you. I shall steady you and shall cause you to stand. Surely you shall be My light, My voice and My outreached hand.

Many of My people have, as it were, their head in the sand, for they hear with their ears, and they see with their eyes, but they do not understand with their hearts. Tell Me, can you feel the wind when it blows? Can you feel the cold air? When your electricity goes off, does your house get cold? Lift up your head and look up unto Me, for these elements shall touch all people. Though you are called a Christian, you shall feel the coldness, and you shall feel the heat. You shall feel many things of that, which is round, about you, but I shall keep you and uphold you, and I shall make a way where there is no way. I do not want you to be ignorant of all things that shall come upon the earth and even upon your neighbourhood. Lift up your eyes unto your Redeemer, and let your spirit see and understand. For I call you to take a stand this day and follow after Me with the wholeness of your heart. I shall be your shelter. I shall be your up lifter and your helper. I shall keep you, but know that these things shall come upon the earth and upon your own country and in your own city. You shall know that I, the Lord, allow it.

There are many that shall call upon My name, and they shall come to know Me. Do not trust in your riches or in your bank account. Do not trust in the establishment of your home. Let your trust be in nothing that is made with hands, for this world and the world system are built on sinking sand. You shall see many come crumbling down and sinking, but it shall not be so with you, for you are built upon a Rock and established upon the goings of the Eternal One. Rejoice in Me. Rejoice; rejoice with an exceeding goodness and gladness in your heart. You have said "signs and wonders" and signs and wonders it shall be, for you have sung that the oil shall be poured out and even the wine, and it shall be. Therefore, rejoice, for I, the Lord, stand in control, and I have all things in control. Arise to your feet and lift up your hands and declare unto the Lord that this day you shall hear with a hearing and see with a seeing, and you shall follow after Me. The time is short, and the hour is at hand. You shall see the great movements of your God and the rhythms of your God that shall flow throughout the earth and into all nations.

Australia and the Asian countries also shall shake. You would say they have already been shaken, but that was only a rattle. There shall be a shaking that will cause the heart of man to fear and cry out unto Me. Therefore, sing unto your God and sing often of My mercy and My goodness. Though all these elements come, My mercy and My goodness shall never fail. They endure forever. You shall see, as you have declared, a great revival and a mighty incoming from those that are without. I am that I am, and I change not. This is the beginning of a great shaking. It is not for My family that stands true and waits upon Me. Sing of My mercy and declare it in all places. For you shall be the salt of the earth, and you shall be the light and the hands that are stretched out to comfort and to build and to bring into order.